IntegraSoft offers for the companies that are interested:
- Programming for intelligent houses and industrial appliances;
- Web Services and Web based solutions;
- Chat/whiteboard/video/audio conferencing solutions;
- Hardware design for communication equipment based on X10, CEBus, Lon and Bluetooth protocols;
- Software design and coding for various operating systems and technologies.

For more information please contact us at:

Important Clients:

- Enermet (Switzerland/Finland) - software for distribution networks based on Ripple
Control technology and remote meter reading;
- Hyperwave (Germany) - integration between Hyperwave Document Management
System and Hermix conferencing;
- RapidSolution (Germany) - software for automatic audio aquisition and encoding;
- Poliac (USA) - Intranet solutions for medical care departments;
- IT & Process (Norway) - HAWK a Java kernel for powerline CEBus communication.
- Utomi GMBH (Germany) - ASP conferencing solutions
- Intelli AS (Norway) - Software to control smart houses
- Telekom Austria - ASP video conferencing

We are looking for partners who can:
- Buy/distribute/implement our Hermix Conferencing Framework (;
- Buy/distribute/install our X10 devices and the ESS software (;
- Use our software and hardware design experience to build their own products on
outsourcing subcontract basis.