IntegraSoft is a software and hardware design company specialized in Internet communication technologies, client-server and distributed systems and microprocessor-based systems used in power line and wireless communications.

Operating Systems:

Linux, Windows, Windows CE, Solaris, Palm OS

Software and Technologies:

Languages and compilers: GCC, Visual C++, Java, Python, J2ME;
Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, JDBC, ODBC;
Multimedia: Direct X, Java Media Framework; Linux devices
Web solutions: Java Servlets, XML, JINI, WAP;
Communications: TCP/IP, COM/DCOM, RMI, CORBA, Web Services;
User interfaces: MFC, Qt, Swing, AWT;
Hardware design: Orcad, Micro-compilers;
Hardware protocols: CEBus, LonWork, X10, CAN, Bluetooth.